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Personalised Grande Unita

FAB9149  / Made in Italy


Loro Piana offers the possibility to add further uniqueness to a versatile accessory such as the Grande Unita scarf. A wide range of vibrant colours to choose from, metal or leather characters to combine. Add names, initials or monograms to make it exclusively yours.

Product details

Fringing on two sides
Oval palladium-finished metal bar on the bottom
Size: 175 x 43 cm
Available in smaller sizes according to taste and body size
Composition: 100% cashmere

Scarf Material

Cashmere Vicuña

Scarf Colour
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Letter Material
Letter (max 4 characters)
Care & Maintenance
The “Unita” scarf is such an icon for us that we have decided to make it unique, by adding letters and symbols of your choice.

They are stitched on by hand to enable them to be removed easily before you send your scarf for cleaning, as the dry cleaning we recommend to keep your “Unita” Scarf in pristine condition could actually damage the soft, fine leather the letters and symbols are crafted from, specially chosen to blend in with the enveloping consistency of the cashmere.

The letters and symbols can be stitched back on by hand after the scarf has been cleaned.

Should you require any assistance, please contact our Customer Service.

Return notice: personalised products can only be returned and not exchanged.